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Our Treatment Approach

Together as a team, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan based your specific needs.

The primary treatment is the chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is a gentle, specific force applied to a specific joint. Patients are often pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this procedure is. As well, we often include some form of soft tissue treatment or stretching techniques as an adjunctive therapy during regular treatment.

We find this approach speeds up your recovery time, achieves longer lasting treatments and helps you regain optimal musculoskeletal health.

Some of our Chiropractic treatments include:

• Flexion
• Drop table
• Full spine
• Activator Methods
• Diversified
• Manual muscle therapies
Simply Natural

Our Philosopy

The body is the ultimate healing power and with chiropractic treatments, proper rest, quality exercise and well balanced nutrition, you can achieve your "Pursuit of Optimal Health".

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